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Mother and Child

Keeping Your Kiddos Safe

One of the many benefits of receiving services in the home is limiting the exposure to others and having direct control of who enters your home. As safety is the Learning Sea's number one priority when working with all children, the following safety precautions will be utilized when entering each client's home:

  • Full adherence to CDC guidelines as well as recommendations from state and local governments.

  • All clients will sign a disclosure document stating that they will notify the therapist/instructor if ANY symptoms have been observed by participants or anyone they have been exposed to.

  • Face covering will be warn by the therapist/instructor while in the home.

  • Non-invasive temperature checks will be taken at the onset of services using a touch-less thermometer.

  • Frequent hand sanitizing will be conducted throughout classes and sessions.

  • Each child will be given their own specific materials which will not be shared between children.

  • Social distancing will be practiced in the home and during classes.

  • Each family will be asked to sign waivers acknowledging these safety guidelines and risks associated with in-home services.

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