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Art Class

Language Through Art

All children learn differently as they develop. Using arts and crafts can be an invaluable teaching tool for a variety of skills. Through small, structured art classes, children can be provided with the opportunity for the development of the following:

  • Sharing and group cooperation

  • Social skills

  • Following directions

  • Vocabulary skills

  • Focus and concentration

  • Sensory exploration

  • Skills to compliment academic tasks (drawing, cutting, color id, etc)

  • Overall language development

  • Routine and chore development (cleaning up and following a schedule)

Paper Craft

What Session Will Look Like

Sessions will be composed of a minimum of 2 with a maximum of 5 within the safety and comfort of your home. After a designated area has been selected in your home, the therapist will spend 10 minutes preparing the class and will provide the art materials. Children will be seated at the "art table" and each child will be presented with materials to create 3-5 group projects. Each project will be developed according to each child's individual needs while simultaneously practicing group skills (cooperation, social skills, sharing, etc.) At the end of the class, the therapist will clean up the space and provide a short, written summary of your child's skills.

Art Fun

How To Get Started

Once you have determined your group or "pod" of children (2 children minimum to 5 children maximum), use our "Get in Touch", "Contact", or "Chat" feature in order to speak with someone about your needs and wants for classes. After this phone consultation, a program will be written and if it matches your needs, you will be able to schedule a class (pending openings and schedule times).

Kids Painting


Language Through Art classes are $25.00/a child/hour. This price includes materials provided for the children. Classes require a minimum of 2 children and a maximum of 5 children. Payment can be in the form of check, cash, or credit card

Language Through Art: Services
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