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CD Fish Craft

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

This simple and fun craft can be enjoyed by kiddos aged 6+ independently and with adult assistance for the little ones.

This craft is a great outlet after a day of E-learning or when staying inside.

Why kiddos love this craft:

-They can make multiple fish and decorate in a variety of ways-to really get that creativity going!

-Materials can be found laying around the house.

-They can do lots of different thing with these fish:

  • Window hanging

  • Door decoration

  • Fridge magnets

  • Scrapbook decoration

  • Make into a mobile

  • Holiday tree ornament

What you will need:

  1. Old CD's

  2. Glue

  3. Scissors

  4. Sharpie Markers

  5. Paper

  6. Ribbon, tulle, raffia, pipe cleaners, shredded paper, foam pieces (For the fishy tail)

  7. Googly eyes (optional)


  1. Decorate the outside of the CDs with sharpies, paper, puffy paint, etc.

  2. For paper tails, trace and cut out tails using the templates provided below.

  3. Attached tail with the paper cut outs, ribbon, tulle, etc!

  4. Glue google eyes or paper eyes and lips (out of paper or red pom poms)

  5. Add fins and extra decorations.

  6. Thread string, ribbon, fishing line, etc. through the center hole of the CD and tie onto doors, windows, holiday trees, or the fridge!

CD fish tails
Download DOCX • 25KB

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