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Quick Prep, No-Mess Literacy Activities for Kids Who Love to Move!

Some kids are just not meant to learn in their seats. Some kids love to move. Some kids love to LEARN THROUGH MOVEMENT. These quick and simple activities require very little preparation, are easy to clean up, and can be adjusted and modified for variety!

Packaging Letter/Sight Word Identification

Kids love to pop things! Whether it's bubble wrap or air pillows, take that old packaging material and put it to some use. Simply write out letters, sight words, or reading words and have your kiddo pop them with stomps, steps, jumps, or pokes!

Alphabet Scooter Scoop

All you need is a marker, squares of paper or post-its, and a scooter. Kids love to push and glide across the floor in search of letters and words.

Below are a few variations on this activity. Ask kiddos to complete the following:

-scoop up specific letters ("find letter A")

-scoop up letters in correct alphabetical order

-scoop up letters that spell a word ("find the letters that spell 'and'")

-scoop up letters according to their specific sound ("Find the letter that says buh")

-scoop up letters according to their positions in words ("What letter begins the word dog?")

Quick Alphabet Track

For all of the kiddos that love cars, trucks, and anything with wheels, this fun and fast idea is great for a variety of skills:

-alphabet ordering

-alphabet naming


-lower case/upper case knowledge

-direction following

All that is needed is small pieces of paper, a long piece of cardboard, glue, and a marker.

The following variations can be used with the "track"

-Rolling balls down the track instead of vehicles

-Elevating the track to make a "ramp"

-Using the ramp as a parking garage and having your kiddo place their toy vehicles on each letter spot

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