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Preschool Class

School of Fish Early Learning Pods

As more and more preschools and early learning centers have chosen to switch to remote learning, parents are turning to alternative means of providing invaluable instruction within their own homes. Parents are getting together with other parents of preschool-age children and hosting "micro schools" or "pods". This gives parents control of who is in their home and allows for small, structured classes. School of Fish Early Learning Pods aims to provide small class instruction (2 children minimum to 5 children maximum) in the home setting. These early learning classes will be conducted by a qualified speech language pathologist with over a decade of experience. Learning Sea, LLC goes above and beyond in making sure all safety precautions will be met prior to and while conducting classes.

Preschool Graduation Ceremony

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been adapted according to The Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Small group classes provide more individual attention as well as the opportunity to address social skills.

Below are just a few areas that can be targeted through School of Fish Learning Pods:

  • Following 1,2, and 3 step directions

  • Identifying emotions

  • Labeling objects and vocabulary development

  • Conversation skills

  • Social skills such as turn-taking, eye contact, listening, and sharing

  • Asking and answering questions

  • Listening to and exploring books

  • Letters and numbers knowledge

  • Pre-writing skills

Kids in Preschool

What Makes School of Fish Learning Pods So Unique?

What sets our pods apart is our holistic approach and in the experience of the instructor. Pods will be taught by a qualified speech language pathologist who has been practicing for over a decade. Not only has the instructor worked with early language learners for over ten years, she has experience in the preschool setting across the globe. While working in the preschools of New York City and Chicago, the Ecole Maternelle in France, or the Kindys of Australia, the instructor brings this worldly experience and decade of practice to your child's learning. From this experience comes the idea that children need to be given the opportunity to learn about all aspects of life. It's not just about learning letters, shapes, and colors. Children should learn about their world around them, how to relate to others, and ways to grow up to be their best self.

Raising Arms

Beyond the Curriculum

School of Fish Learning Pods will not only use curriculum-based instruction, we offer:

  • Language enrichment with a speech language pathologist.

  • Creative and engaging classes through a variety of activities and lessons.

  • Structured schedule with visual supports to encourage routine and daily living skill development.

  • Strong parent and caregiver communication.

  • Facilitated peer interaction.

  • Learning through art, music, sensory play, and movement-based activities.

  • Extra-curricular lessons with themes such as: "Nature", "Kindness", "Feelings", and "Pretend Time".

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Pod classes are $25.00/a child/hour. This price includes materials provided for the children. Classes require a minimum of 2 children and a maximum of 5 children. Payment can be in the form of check, cash, or credit card

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